5 reasons why you definetely should NOT have missed the Snowmobile Fair 2018 plus my thoughts on snowmobiling

5 reasons why you definetely should NOT have missed the Snowmobile Fair 2018 plus my thoughts on snowmobiling

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So, the Snowmobile Fair 2018 is now over, terminé, förbi, ohi, мимо and vorbei.

I know, I know, it was so much fun I wish it would have lasted longer too. This year was especially good, we reached to 16295 visitors overall, and the new family day concept was met with huge enthusiasm.

Luckily we have the chance to recap all the reasons you definetely should NOT have missed this wonderful fair (even if you never have been close to a snowmobile). And if you could not make it this year then no worries, Lapin Messut and the students of Lapland UAS are planning to blow your mind again next year.

My family and friends know that I am not exactly a devoted snowmobile personality,  so the size of the event and the ability to attract people wait patiently in line to get inside surprised me. Now perhaps you won’t see me in above the arctic circle living in a hut only accompanied by a brand new snowmobile from the Snowmobile fair, but it definetely was an eye opener.

Being such a hippie like myself, I hope that in the future we will see more innovative and enviromentally friendly alternatives to the traditional  snowmobiles, such as the creation of the electric snowmobile by the students of Lapland UAS, eSled. I know, that perhaps the most committed people who think that a snowmobile isn’t a snowmobile if it doesn’t purr loudly or doesn’t have the familiar smell of two-stroke engine…

Here below I will share an article, that will make you a tad more enviromentally friendly even though you still drive the traditional one:

The secrets of low impact snowmobiling

Oh well, back to the 5 reasons I was talking about!

1.Because the family day was awesome

I can not hype the family day enough, literally. I feel like it was the highlight of the whole fair this year if not counting the, you know, snowmobiles that most people came to see. However we heard so much positive feedback, and it is no wonder why. The kids were having so much fun, seating down in the chairs to get their face painted, hang their drawings to the wall and shaking hands with the lovely mascots.

The little owlets, Junnu and bow-headed Nuppu and the fair fox Pasi were posing for a picture with publicist Erkki Kuoksa and CEO Mikko Vikström from Lapin Messut at the promotion event.
Photo courtesy Joni Nojonen

  1. The athmosphere was exciting

Do I even need to say anything to convince you that I am telling the truth? Just look at the crowds!


Above we see Jarkko Ylläsjärvi, the commentator who led the auction of old snowmobiles. Photo courtesy Jenni Pyhäjärvi

Below we see people rushing in the Lapland Arena, checking what are the new trends of 2018. Photo courtesy Jenni Pyhäjärvi


  1. The staff (including us, the students) were helping you to have the time of your life

’Kay, so let me tell you. From a student perspective, it was a wholesome learning experience and we brought our best face forward, even though to some of us it was the first time organizing such a thing. We certainly advised the guests, handing out the fair guides so you could find your way in the occasionally labyrinthine Lapland Arena and had fun entertaining the kids on Sunday. We were also really easy to spot too, with our pink t-shirts and hoodies.

This picture of the dream team in pink and red reflects the overall good feeling that the Snowmobile Fair left for us!
Photo courtesy Joni Nojonen

  1. The international feeling

See what I said in different languanges the beginning of the post? That’s an example of the nationalities that we saw in the fair during the weekend. Try to guess all the languanges! Also professionals were spotted in the snowmobile fair, I was told that many people saw a glimpse of  Maria Sandberg  giving signatures to their fans. From the official Facebook site, Kelekkamessut you can find pictures, live videos and more, such as the interview of Pascal Pouly from Scott.

  1. So, so many exhibitors and other things

. All the biggest exhibitors around the world were there to show off their best assets, accessories and supplies for the customers. Let’s not forget, it is the biggest snowmobile related event in EuropeBesides that, even one of the best magicians in Finland, Juha-Matti Ristijärvi and the commentator who was acquired the legend status: Jarkko Yläjärvi.

I thank and bow for this experience, until next time!

Johanna ”the owlet Nuppu” Wiens

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