KELEKKAMESSUT 4.-5.11.2023

Dear exhibitor. Welcome to the Snowmobile Fair.

 Please familiarize yourself with the practical information for exhibitors provided below.

Exhibitor parking
– You may enter the Exhibitor Parking Space by presenting your Exhibitor Pass
– The Exhibitor Parking Space is located in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition hall (on the north side of the hall)
– Please note that once the event begins, the area in front of the exhibition hall and on both sides of the hall must be kept free of cars. Parking in these areas during the fair is prohibited.

Opening hours during the event
– On Friday, the exhibitors may build their exhibition stands at  08:00- 21:00
– On Saturday, the doors will open for exhibitors at 8:00 and close at 19:00. On Sunday, the doors will open at 9:00. Exhibitors may begin dismantling their exhibition stands on Sunday at 16:00 at the earliest. All structures and materials brought to the exhibition area by the exhibitors must be removed from the exhibition hall by 21:00. Any special arrangements must be agreed upon in advance.
– Starting on Friday at 21:00, the event organizer will take care of the general security of the exhibition area. The doors of the exhibition hall have electronic locks

Exhibitor dining
– Please see separate instructions for exhibitor dining
KELEKKAMESSUT 2024 Lunch menu specials for exhibitors

Entry into the hall during the event
– Exhibitors may enter the exhibition hall through the side door or the service doors (see the map of the event area).

Help with exhibition stand installation and dismantling
– The event organizer will provide free assistance for installation and dismantling of exhibition stands. Students of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, who are working at the fair and will be wearing pink hoodies during the event, will help exhibitors build and dismantle the stands. Please contact the event information desk if you need assistance with building or dismantling your stand.
– Traffic management is provided at the service exits during the dismantling of stands.

Safety arrangements
– The exhibitors have the responsibility to inform themselves of the location of the nearest emergency exit. The emergency exits must be kept clear at all times. The first-aid point is located in the downstairs lobby. The exhibitors are required to inform themselves of the location of the nearest first extinguishing equipment.

Exhibition mats and other structures must not be attached with tape to the floor or to the plexiglass that lines the ends of the rinks. Distributing balloons filled with helium in the event area is prohibited.

Best regards,

Event manager
Mikko Vikström
Tel.: +358 400 432 498